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A New Journal for a New Epoch

П'ятниця, 9 Грудень, 2016

"Новий журнал для нової епохи" - новий журнал, що з січня 2017 року буде видаватись в Університеті Каліфорнії. Журнал підтримує відкритий доступ (OpenAccess), можливість друку статті в журналі. З політикою видавця можна ознайомитись за посиланням: http://elementa.ubiquitypress.com/about/editorialpolicies/

Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene will transfer from BioOne to the University of California Press in January 2017, to begin the next chapter in the journal’s evolution and impact.

UC Press is an ideal choice to support Elementa’s strategic growth and realize its full potential. They are thrilled to continue our unique and important journal. It will become a core part of the open access ecosystem at UC Press, alongside the journal Collabra (Collabra.org) and the open access monograph program Luminos (LuminosOA.org).

Elementa has been developing well, publishing high quality articles at an increased rate. Our Special Feature and Forum publication program has evolved rapidly; currently with 24 in various stages of publication and development. We have attracted a dedicated following, and consistently publish quality research that attracts a good level of readership. Because of this, and the exceptional personal author services throughout the peer-review and publication system, authors have been extremely positive about their experiences publishing with the journal. Under the new ownership of UC Press, Elementa can continue and expand upon these successes.

‘BioOne is proud that Elementa has demonstrated its ability to contribute meaningfully to the scientific discourse on human impact on the Earth, following its first three years of success. We believe that UC Press is uniquely positioned to nurture this innovative new journal, incubated by BioOne and the founding partners Dartmouth, the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Michigan, and the University of Washington—institutions that host the journal’s six Editors-in-Chief.’

Susan Skomal

President and CEO, BioOne